Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Qualities of a Travel Agent !!

Working as a travel agent appeals to almost anyone. You open doors to the world, interact with delighted customers, and receive large discounts to the best locales on Earth. In fact, employers often push you to go gain experience. Perhaps most encouraging, travel agents can set up on the internet, allowing freedom of location.

Here are some basic skills and qualities vital to becoming a travel agent:
Passion: In the travel industry, it no doubt pays to have a passion for travel, though experience is not a necessity. Fortunately, travel is not difficult to become passionate about.

Education: Most agencies merely require a high school diploma, but larger agencies sometimes demand degrees, and a bachelor's in public relations, computers, or sales always looks good on a resume. The American Society of Travel Agents presents courses and trips designed for this dynamic field, whether you plan to work for an agency or yourself. Also, check with your local community college to see if they offer programs. These days, there are even many great online programs teaching how you become a travel agent.

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Language: Consider learning a second language if specializing in international travel.

Certification: Check the Department of Commerce in your area to be sure there are not requirements for certification, and you may want to take a course regardless to learn the basics of the industry. If working for yourself, you will need to be certified.

Learn: Read industry material--not only to inspire passion but to keep up to date with this evolving and constantly changing market.

Computer Literacy: Strong computer skills are an asset when applying and on the job. Online bookings are a growing trend, and even with offline customers your work is computer-based. Some schools offer special courses for this software, but most smaller employers are willing to train the right person. If you want to go out on your own-an increasingly viable option in the new millennium--computer skills are even more of an asset.

Naturally, if you have asked yourself, "How do I become a travel agent," it is because you are looking for a career or business you can run from your own home (or whatever other world destination you have imagined). If that is the case, going out on your own may be your best option, and these days it has never been easier.

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